Tumugi is inspired by Luigi written by Python, and our goal is create a better alternative of Rake. It can describe and run workflow written by ruby code.

Dependency resolution and parallel execution

Tumugi can resolve dependencies of tasks in a workflow and automatically run task in parallel if dependency task is already completed.


If First Task is completed, Second Task and Another Second Task run in parallel. Last Task wait until Second Task and Another Second Task completed.

Building a workflow as code

Using tumugi, workflow file is just a ruby code like below. So you can use any editors and rubygems as you like. Workflow as code is also good for version control, code review.

task :last_task do
  requires [:second_task, :another_second_task]

task :second_task do
  requires :first_task

task :another_second_task do
  requires :first_task

task :first_task do

Target and Parameters


Target is input and onput of Task, and is a ruby class which has at least exist? method.


Parameter is another input of Task. Task#run method can refer these parameters and user can set parameter value from CLI options.

Plugin based architecture

Tumugi is based on plugin architecutre. All Task and Targets are made by plugin. Currently you can create custom Task and Target by plugin or reuse existing plugins.